Mike Corlett

Mike Corlett is the Managing Principal Partner for Planning Technologies. Mr. Corlett has 30 years of professional experience in transportation planning and has served as the principal planner and project manager on quite a large number of urban transportation studies throughout his career. He has performed demographic and statistical studies, travel surveys, travel demand forecasting studies, highway location studies, traffic impact studies, transit development programs, inter-modal transportation center feasibility studies, and ridesharing evaluations. Many of these projects have involved forecasts and projections of traffic or transit utilization, often relying on a formal travel demand forecasting model component.

Mr. Corlett has been heavily involved with travel demand forecasting in New Mexico for some time, going back 13 years to the original household interview survey that led to the creation of the Albuquerque area model in 1992. He helped develop this original model and made it operational in 1995 and has participated in many of the various enhancement efforts since that time. In recent years, he has operated the model as an outside consultant for various transportation studies.

Prior to these activities in New Mexico, Mr. Corlett worked on a number of major capital investment programs on behalf of transit. In Orange County, California, he was the manager of the OCTD short range and long range planning programs (including travel demand model development) and was project manager for the Alternatives Analysis and EIS for the central Santa Ana corridor rail project there, as well as various HOV studies.

Other project experiences include people mover feasibility studies in Anaheim, CA and Las Vegas, NV, and heavy rail and commuter rail station relocation studies in Chicago, IL.

In addition to this, Mr. Corlett also has over 15 years of experience in software application development, programming, and GIS.  He has been principally involved in the design and implementation of a number of substantial GIS software applications including: (1) the M2Probe travel analysis package for EMME/2 (in use at MAG), (2) the EMME/2 network editor extension to it (being deployed at MAG), (3) the sophisticated SAM-IM land use forecasting package at MAG that simulates growth and development in urban areas based on cellular automata features offered in the Spatial Analyst extension to ArcView, (4) TRAM, the Transportation Access Model implementing Planning Technologies’ own network analyst extension to GIS, and (5) a GIS-based Parking Management model for downtown Fort Worth. These programming skills serve to illustrate a strong command of GIS systems, a deep understanding of how they work and how they can be used, and a unique capability to employ GIS systems efficiently.

Finally, during the span of his career Mr. Corlett has taught a number of graduate level urban transportation planning courses at several major universities. He also taught introductory assembly language and computer programming courses at the University of New Mexico while he was a graduate student there.


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