Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis has 17 years of professional experience in GIS software application development as well as application development in pure database management systems, such as MS Access. He has contributed heavily to virtually all of the systems implemented at Planning Technologies, including M2Probe, SAM-IM, and the TRAM Accessibility Model. In addition, Mr. Lewis was the principal developer and chief programmer for the EPA “NET” Air Emissions Reporting System for the City of Albuquerque in MS Access, the “Electronic Map Book” Map Objects application at Bernalillo County, and in addition is currently engaged in the development of various Arc IMS applications there.

More recently Mr. Lewis has been engaged on applications supporting TIP project management and management of the Traffic Count inventory for the Mid-Region Council of Governments (MRCOG), the MPO for the Albuquerque metropolitan area. Mr. Lewis also was involved in earlier stages of the commuter rail program there, and during the Alternatives Analysis phase played an important role in the development of the intercity networks and analyses of accessibility offered by the various competing travel modes under consideration, using Planning Technologies’ proprietary TRAM model.

Mr. Lewis formerly worked at MRCOG and for a major transportation consultant, and therefore has acquired substantial familiarity with transportation planning, travel demand modeling, traffic count programs, travel demand surveys, and statistical studies.

Mr. Lewis also has been heavily involved with the application of GIS at the Bernalillo County Public Works Department since 1996. In 1996 he developed an Arc/Info application which facilitated the creation of a geographic database version of the Bernalillo County Roads Inventory.  He has been responsible for the development of programs which create summaries of the roads that Bernalillo County maintains.  Each year these summaries are used by the county in the State of New Mexico legislative process.  In 1998 the first Bernalillo County Roads Mapbook was produced.  This mapbook is a software application that facilitated the production of a road atlas of Bernalillo County maintained roads.  These road atlases are used daily by both county personnel and the general public.  In 1999 Mr. Lewis produced an electronic version of the Bernalillo County Mapbook, a signficant application running on ESRI Map Objects technology.  This application was developed as an alternative to the hardcopy version of the mapbook which cost $100.00 per copy.

Mr. Lewis has been principally responsible for many of the other GIS database and system applications developed at the Bernalillo County Public Works Department over the past four years. Mr. Lewis was intimately involved with the development of GASB-34 infrastructure inventory, valuation, and reporting as well as assistance on Water and Sewer utilities applications and databases. Other major projects that Mr. Lewis has been involved with include, the Kirtland Air Force Base General Plan, the “True Street” Network Needs Analysis for the City of Albuquerque, the Village of Magdalena Comprehensive Plan, the Village of Angel Fire Comprehensive Plan, the Town of Taos Vision 2020 Master Plan, and the SAM-IM Land Use Model for the Maricopa Association of Governments. 


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